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Granting Access to Education

The Ugbajo Itsekiri Scholarship Fund Program was set up in 2005. In the beginning, the organization awarded three scholarships yearly, to Itsekiri students in Nigerian Universities, who were majoring in the Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. In 2008 the number of awardees was increased from three to five. Four years later, in 2012, the organization increased the number of candidates eligible for yearly awards from Five to Ten. In addition, eligible candidates were not restricted to be candidates majoring in the Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, nor was it solely restricted only to candidates in or trying to attain a University Degree. Candidates from all other disciplines who desired higher education and degrees from colleges of education and polytechnics became eligible to apply.

All awardees receive a fixed amount every year which is paid from the first year of the award through the completion of the degree program (all awardees must provide proof of continuity or progression at the institution). Since its inception, more than eighty students have been beneficiaries of the Scholarship Fund.

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