Water Project


Itsekiri homeland stretches along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, west of the Niger River to Ondo State in Nigeria. The land mass is crisscrossed by a complex system of rivers and creeks carrying salt water. The only sources of fresh water are rain water and shallow wells. The Itsekiri homeland accounts for about 30% - a disproportionately large amount, of Nigeria oil production. Despite the oil riches of our homeland, the glaring paradox is that it remains grossly underdeveloped in terms of formal economy, infrastructure and public services. Oil spills and gas flares from oil exploration and production have caused severe environmental pollution of the coastal regions, including its rivers and streams, depriving the Itsekiri their main occupation of fishing.

In 2010, Ugbajo Itsekiri USA sent a team on a fact finding visit to Itsekiri homeland with the mandate of identifying the basic needs of the people. From a long list of basic services and needs, Ugbajo decided to embark on water projects that would have immediate and far reaching impacts on the lives of the people. Subsequently Ugbajo has devoted considerable resources to provide potable fresh water to some Itsekiri rural communities.

As of August 31, 2012 this organization has spent nearly $100,000 building boreholes equipped with solar-powered pumps for clean water supply. The completed projects are situated in Itsekiri communities of Aja-Igba, Jakpa and Orugbo that had no drinkable water. In addition, the organization has committed about an equal amount to install similar water projects in two more Itsekiri communities in the Benin River of the Delta State of Nigeria.

Please help us continue this critical project to save lives.

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Scholarship Fund


Ugbajo Itsekiri Scholarship Fund Program was set up in 2005. In the beginning, the organization awarded three scholarships yearly, to Itsekiri students in Nigerian Universities, who were majoring in the Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. In 2008 the number of awardees was increased from three to five. Four years later, in 2012, the organization increased the number of candidates eligible for yearly awards from Five to Ten.

In addition, eligible candidates were not restricted to be candidates majoring in the Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, nor was it solely restricted only to candidates in or trying to attain a University Degree. Candidates from all other disciplines who desired higher education and degrees from colleges of education and polytechnics became eligible to apply.

All awardees receive a fixed amount every year which is paid from the first year of the award through the completion of the degree program (all awardees must provide proof of continuity or progression at the institution).

Since its inception, more than eighty students have been beneficiaries of the Scholarship Fund.

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Medical Supplies


Our Medical Outreach Program supplies crucial medical products to skilled, dedicated Nigerian based health workers to administer and share with Itsekiri communities where basic health care is unavailable or unaffordable.

In 2007, our Patron Dr. Ogbemi Omatete delivered medical and surgical supplies to the Hospital in Warri.

The donations were received from the family of the late Dr. Victor Diabo (MD), through Oma Iwere Itsekiri Organization of New York New Jersey, an affiliate of Ugbajo Itsekiri USA Inc.